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Total Quality Management System is an innovative combination of operational modules dedicated to unswervingly meet customer requests and enhance their service delivery experience. With the increasing demands for customer satisfaction, our applications deliver technologically-enabled timely data to update the customers on the service progress, while enabling the operator to enhance their service delivery.

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TQMS DEPLOYED FOR ESTABLISHED COMPANIESTQMS has been successfully implemented for cleaning companies in their diverse clientele.

why TQMS

In a country like Singapore which is unmistakably synonymous to a very high degree of cleanliness, maintenance, hygiene the assessment criteria, reporting of the quality of works done in a specific area or a location calls for an ultimate level of valuation which is set on a set of notably significant parameters and to exceed the level means to have surpassed the highest level of cleanliness. Nevertheless more than the physical completion of the job, it is the assessment and the report generation and the final interpretation, plus the reaching of the reports to the respective departments is what matters because it is the only way of endorsing a job that is done. This process when carried out as it should go about becomes a well-organized and systematic way of doing. However while we get into the documentation and assessment, there comes the real glitch. In general the process is not as simple as it sounds, with various stages and approvals in each stage and the reverting of messages as well.

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Outstanding Features

The TQMS has a host of outstanding innovative features that are incorporated into the application with meticulous and well planned technology. The second to none expertise of Xsosys in developing creative applications has enabled the integration of such features into the TQMS making it on one of the remarkable applications available to carry out such tasks.


The process of assessment of the works carried out through a compatible electronic device and allotment of points for the job done is generally referred to as the electronic auditing. But a more precise ...



As the name itself says it is the assessment of the periodic works that take place on a particular site or location. To begin with the works scheduled in a particular spot may vary according to the nature ...



Incident reporting can act as a means to improvise the service or performance. It generally helps the management to identify potential problem areas that need to be taken care of. Timely reporting on ...



There are sometimes instances where an emergency arises and the team has to be issued an urgent work order, in such cases the TQMS urgent work order facility comes in handy. The administrator or the ...



The TQMS has an integrated face recognition facility to enable the user or the supervisor or any other authorised person to carry out the daily attendance action regarding the workers. The TQMS face recognition ...



As the name itself says the system manages all the issues regarding the sensors that are installed in the washroom, or in other words hygiene facility. Beginning with the ammonia sensor, and ending with the door ...

Peter Company

It is really a pleasure to acknowledge the TQMS as one of the unique and best quality management software designed and developed by Xsosys. It has eased out the cumbersome manual works in the day to day cleaning activities to a great extent.

Serene Company

I fully recommend the use of the TQMS to anyone who happens to be in the cleaning sector contracting. It not only reduces the cumbersome manual record maintaining but also takes care of reporting as per the needs of the situations on site or otherwise. Totally a fully-fledged and useful application.

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